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Pablo Woodward , a Brazilian-born ethnically-ambiguous performing artist who has lived and very much continues to live a comparatively colourful life believing that art is life, life is art.

On stage, Pablo is best known for his physical performances, comedic style, improvisation, extreme characterization and equally intensive dark performances.

As an actor, his portfolio of work and roles ranges from touring as Idle Jack in
Dick Whittington to the cross-dressing Joelle Mackintosh in Channel 4 (UK)'s Boy Meets Girl to The Junkie Damballah in Channel 5 (UK)'s Urban Gothic
, to his numerous roles in Sydney's Short & Sweet Theatre Festivals, Opera North's Death in Venice, Die Entführung aus dem Serail for Glyndebourne Opera, to his roles in The Undiscovered Theatre Company's  Pop Up Panto in which he played five diverse characters each with different accents: The Cockney Dwarf, The Camp Policeman, The Westcountry Bumpkin Jack, The Eastern Abanazer, The Scottish Dandini.

As an artist, Pablo is ever challenging himself in the range of roles he takes on, constantly learning, training and upskilling such that many who have worked with him have described him as passionately dangerous, instinctive, fresh, daring, bold and risky in his choices and approach; this, he credits to having declined the offer of formal 'institutionalised' training at LAMDA (London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art) by having designed and continually designing his own training from the non-institutionalised living of life itself. 

Aside from physical theatre, and children’s theatre, Pablo is versed in classical text, black comedy and, as a director's actor, simply loves all work that challenges him personally and professionally, especially that which requires him to re-enter once chartered or unchartered emotional territory understanding that it is this: the protrayal of emotion, however ghastly true and identifiable; that is his job.

When not engaged as an actor, Pablo delves fingers in many pies to quench his insatiable energy; some identify him as 'Teacher!', some as 'Bablo', others as 'The Party Man' or 'The Chief', whilst others know and have known him for many years simply as 'The Quiz Maestro' or 'Olbap'.  Lately, notably since early 2015 many have got to know Pablo as 'The Disco Bunny' or that bloke who tells those crazy improvised stories with live improvised music.

Whatever he is, whoever he is, or wherever he is Pablo rises driven by fear, desire and passion to simply fulfil his potential: he wears his heart on his sleeve and is ever pushing himself out of his expanding comfort zone.

"It is not the sound of the birds nor the sun in my eyes that wake me every day.  Tis the fire in my belly, the nerverending beating of that drum that is my heart that ignites my soul to live and let live, be free, run wild, forgive and forget, learn and grow: I know what I want; I am living my dream, be that sometimes hell unnumbed by pain. I am on an adventure; I am an adventurer. None can stop be but myself.  I am hungry. Today I rise.

Time and Tide wait for No Man. I wasted too many years pained in ugly self-pity living a life I didn't want to live, doing nothing about it.

Finally, one day, when I hit the bottom, that bottom I rejoiced for I could see. I had nowhere to go. Nowhere lower. Darkness aside, I could only see up and so I climbed".